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ACTION ALERT: Virginia’s ultrasound law makes women who want an abortion forcibly penetrated for no medical reason.

February 19, 2012


ATTENTION AMERICA!!! This is an outrage.. absolutely unacceptable. We must spread this story like wild fire. Share it with everyone you know. We must raise our voices and let American lawmakers know that we do not want their laws on our bodies! Women’s right are under attack. This law has already passed through the Virginia […]

Abortion saved my life

February 16, 2012


THURSDAY, MAY 26, 2011 11:02 AM PST Abortion saved my life I almost died in an emergency room because the doctor on call refused to perform a necessary procedure BY MIKKI KENDALL There’s this lawmaker out of Kansas, Rep. Peter DeGraaf, who has a lot to say about abortion. He’s currently best known for saying that women […]

Sundance documentary examines rape in US military

January 25, 2012


Sundance documentary examines rape in US military By SANDY COHEN | Associated Press – 2 hrs 58 mins ago PARK CITY, Utah (AP) — The Department of Defense estimatesthat more than 19,000 military men and women were sexually assaulted by fellow troops in 2010 while serving in the United States armed forces. At least 20 percent of servicewomen and 1 percent of men […]

Pentagon report: Sexual assault in the military up dramatically

January 20, 2012


Pentagon report: Sexual assault in the military up dramatically Defense Secretary Leon Panetta vowed to reduce sexual assaults within the military with a series of new initiatives. Some say, though, that the initiatives were already mandated by Congress. By Anna Mulrine | Christian Science Monitor – 4 hrs ago There has been a startling and consistent increase in violent sex crimes within […]

Morning-after pill stays behind counter after all

December 8, 2011


The Obama administration stopped plans to allow morning-after pills to be sold on shelves, forcing women to purchase it from pharmacy counters – which only sell the pills to women 17 years old and older. The decision claims to be for the safety of young women and parents. I call BS. Parents in American need […]

Why Millennial Women Are Burning Out at Work by 30

November 22, 2011


Statistics like this are infuriating. According to McKinsey research cited in the article, 53% of corporate entry-level jobs are held by women, but only 37% of mid-management roles and 26% of senior management roles are held by women. So corporations will hire women; they just won’t promote them. This, in combination with the fact that […]