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ACTION ALERT! Goodbye, First Amendment: ‘Trespass Bill’ will make protest illegal

March 1, 2012


Goodbye, First Amendment: ‘Trespass Bill’ will make protest illegal Published: 29 February, 2012, 02:13 Just when you thought the government couldn’t ruin the First Amendment any further: The House of Representatives approved a bill on Monday that outlaws protests in instances where some government officials are nearby, whether or not you even know it. The US […]

ACTION ALERT: Virginia’s ultrasound law makes women who want an abortion forcibly penetrated for no medical reason.

February 19, 2012


ATTENTION AMERICA!!! This is an outrage.. absolutely unacceptable. We must spread this story like wild fire. Share it with everyone you know. We must raise our voices and let American lawmakers know that we do not want their laws on our bodies! Women’s right are under attack. This law has already passed through the Virginia […]


November 29, 2011


If you’ve already seen a million petitions circling social media sites and the blogosphere regarding internet censorship legislation, that is because there have been multiple bills proposed that attempt to censor the internet. Here Senator Wyden  of Oregon calls for your help to stop the two that have made it through Congress the farthest: SOPA […]

Occupy Thanksgiving

November 23, 2011


Here’s an email I received this evening from Excellent idea and excellent resource! Happy Thanksgiving!       Wednesday, November 23, 2011 7:06 PM Dear MoveOn member, Americans are talking about the economy—a lot. They’re talking about Occupy Wall Street and the Super Committee, about an economy that only works for the 1% and about unemployment. […]

Occupy protester hands President Obama a note

November 22, 2011


This is fantastic!!! The right to protest is protected under the First Amendment of the United States of America, which trumps all other local laws. I’m so passionate about this one that I created a petition to President Obama to recognize that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land; sign here:     […]

ACTION ALERT: Was Calif. police use of pepper spray justified?

November 22, 2011


While the article itself does not contain any bias, the c0mments section for this news article is full of people supporting the police’s brutal use of pepper spray on peaceful protesters at UC Davis. We must offer our opinions and facts about the Constitution in the news comments to counter the comments of those who […]