Welcome to the WatchingtheGov blog! The purpose of this blog is to share news articles and links that may not be featured on major media outlets. It is the belief of this blog writer that our liberties and freedoms granted in the Constitution of the United States of America will only remain free if the people of the United States do their job of monitoring and policing government officials.  WatchingtheGov is here to help.

Questions, Comments, or News Tips? Email watchingthegov@gmail.com

WatchingtheGov operates under the following assumptions:

  1. The government is a framework to be filled by the people with candidates of our choosing.
  2. The people must actively engage with their representatives to ensure their needs are being met, and must hold their representatives accountable (i.e. vote them out) if ever they begin to work against the needs of the people.
  3. Local governments are easier for the people to influence and to hold accountable, and can better serve the specific needs of each specific community.
  4. People’s revolutions will not be covered by the main stream media. We must seek, create, and share alternative news sources amongst ourselves.
  5. Most Americans share the same core desires for our country, including liberals, conservatives and the apathetic. It is only together that we can have a strong enough presence to truly reform our government. We must focus on the issues that unite us; not the issues that divide us.
  6. “Indifference” is no longer an option and politics is no longer a “taboo” subject. Why should it be taboo to discuss the state of your neighborhood with your neighbors? We must learn to speak peacefully with our neighbors about the issues we agree on so that we can together influence our representatives.
  7. We no longer accept the notion of “the lesser of two evils” or “they’re all the same” for candidates running for government positions in our country. (Government positions are jobs, and there are a lot of good people out there who could use a job…)
  8. Voting for a candidate that is not endorsed by the Democratic or Republican party is not “throwing away your vote” if we all do it.
  9. One need not be extremely wealthy or a professional politician to run for office. With the internet and social media sites, we have all the free tools we need to allow anyone to run for office and to propel this revolution without the favor of the main stream media.
  10. Protests serve to motivate and awaken the people, and propel them into action, but in order to make long-term changes we must make interaction with government officials a daily part of life for all Americans.
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