An American Nightmare (if you’re black)

Posted on July 6, 2012


Stats copied/pasted from the article:
– only 14% of all illicit drug users are black, blacks make up about half of those in prison for drug offenses.
– A black man is eight-times as likely as a white man to be locked up at some point in his life.
– Our penal system has grown so massive that the U.S. criminal justice system now employs more people than America’s two largest private employers, Wal-Mart and McDonald’s, combined.
– the average black family has eight-cents of wealth for every dollar of wealth owned by whites
– a black child in American is nine-times more likely than a white child to have a parent who’s locked up.
– out of 6.4 million mortgage applications nationwide, even after income was controlled for – blacks were rejected twice as often as their white counterparts.
– in urban centers such as Boston, Philly, Chicago, Minneapolis, blacks were rejected three-times more often than whites.
– Wealthy black neighborhoods in the DC suburbs have a much tougher time getting loans than low-income white areas, and in Boston blacks living on the exact same street as their white neighbors and earning similar incomes found it much tougher to get a mortgage than their white neighbors.
– even when income and credit score are controlled for, across the nation blacks are more than three-times more likely than whites to have their home foreclosed and be thrown out into the streets.
– 1 in 3 blacks live in poverty, less than 1 in 10 whites do.
– upon release an ex-con’s annual earnings were reduced by 40%

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