Report: NYPD cop pushes New York Supreme Court Judge into wall

Posted on November 22, 2011


With so many people blaming the violent clashes between Occupy protesters and police officers on the Occupy protesters, it is important to remember that the Occupy protests have been overwhelmingly peaceful until the police departments started trying to silence the protesters. It is only when the police departments start to push back on the people that violence occurs. Here, we have a testimony from retired NY Supreme Court Justice Karen Smith on just how brutal police officers can be.

Report: NYPD cop pushes New York Supreme Court Judge into wall

By  at 6:59 am Friday, Nov 18

Democracy Now quotes New York Supreme Court Judge Karen Smith:

I was there to take down the names of people who were arrested… As I’m standing there, some African-American woman goes up to a police officer and says, ‘I need to get in. My daughter’s there. I want to know if she’s OK.’ And he said, ‘Move on, lady.’ And they kept pushing with their sticks, pushing back. And she was crying. And all of a sudden, out of nowhere, he throws her to the ground and starts hitting her in the head,” says Smith. “I walk over, and I say, ‘Look, cuff her if she’s done something, but you don’t need to do that.’ And he said, ‘Lady, do you want to get arrested?’ And I said, ‘Do you see my hat? I’m here as a legal observer.’ He said, ‘You want to get arrested?’ And he pushed me up against the wall.